The flavor of true hospitality comes alive in this combination of aromatic
mint and tea. In North Africa, tea is used to greet guests and it is served
with flair. The preferred tea is a blend of China greens and fresh mint,
sweetened with a strong dose of sugar. The bubbly tea is often served with
savory snacks and lively conversation. The essence of an everyday ritual is
what makes Moroccan Mint so very special.

Good To Know Tip: You can cold infuse this tea for a lighter flavor. We
also recommend adding a hint of honey - or a large dose of sugar, if you're
going for the true, Moroccan style tea!

Temp/Time - 175º Infuse up to 2-3 minutes to extract its full flavor.

Caffeine Level: Low.

Moroccan Mint - Organic Green Tea

  • Organic gunpowder green tea and peppermint.