For those that like the kick of cinnamon with a hint of sweetness, this
rooibos is for you! This is a great cool weather comfort drink. With the
classic base of rooibos, a generous mix of cinnamon chips add warmth that
is sweetened by orange peel.

Good To Know Tip: Have you heard about the health benefits of cinnamon?! If not, start reading! This blend combines all the antioxidants of rooibos with the
healing properties of cinnamon. Some common benefits include reducing
blood sugar and improving circulation. Cinnamon is also great to aiding
digestion and fighting colds!

Infuse up to 5-7 minutes to extract its full flavor.

Caffeine Level: None.

Cinnamon Sensation Rooibos

  • Organic rooibos, cinnamon, orange peel, cloves,
    cinnamon orange spice flavor and cinnamon flavor